OCT17 Electronic Makeup Brush Cleaner Spinner Portable Professional Dryer Brushes Cosmetic Fast Cleaning Tool Cleansers Machine

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Every felt annoyed and too time-consuming to clean and dry your dirty makeup brushes? Now you can clean and dry your brushes within 30 seconds with this new electronic makeup brush cleaner set! Cleaning makeup brushes regularly to remove old makeup, bacteria, oil, dirt, and dead skin is an important part of your beauty routine, as dirty brushes tend to lead to clogging of pores, acne, ineffective color application, irritation and damage to skin, and shorten brush life. However, traditional cleaning methods are too messy and laborious, often leaving brushes wet and unusable for too long, which is why this brush cleaner is so convenient and useful! Made with premium quality, non-toxic, and durable PC material, it has a strong motor spinner which is powered by 2 x AAA batteries (NOT included), 2 spindles, 8 collars of different sizes that would hold brushes tightly without stopping and dropping, a base stand to hold the spinner and collars, and a bowl with neck for cleaning. With this electric automatic brush cleaning set, cleaning makeup brushes is no longer a messy and tedious task, but quick and enjoyable.

  • HEALTHIER SKIN: Deep and fast cleaning of brushes that efficiently removes bacteria, germs, old cosmetic residue, dead skin cells, dirt and oil for longer lasting brush lifespan, and to maintain brush bristle softness that could prevent acne, breakouts and blemishes, clogging of pores, ineffective color application, irritation and damage to skin.
  • CONVENIENT & USEFUL: Clean and dry your makeup brushes within 30 seconds. Light weight and portable, suitable for travel, trips, and on the go. Spinner powered by 2 AAA batteries (NOT included), 8 different size collars that's compatible with most makeup brushes, a base stand to hold spinner and collars for easy use and storage.
  • EASY TO USE: 3 simple steps to clean and dry your dirty brushes! 1-Select brush, push it into the best fitting collar, then attach to spinner and spindle; 2-Pour water and some soap into the bowl until water level is half the height of the brush bristles you wish to clean; 3-Turn it on to spin for cleaning for at least 10 seconds, then pull it above water but remain in the bowl to spin for drying for at least 10 seconds. (Please read user manual for more detailed instructions.)
  • SET CONTENTS & COLOR: Brush Spinner (2xAAA Batteries NOT INCLUDED) x 1, spindle x 2, Colllar x 8, Base stand x 1, Bowl with neck x 1, User Manual x 1; Red. More
  • MATERIAL & DESIGN: Made with premium quality, non-toxic, and durable PC material to ensure long-lasting and safe use. Elegant, sleek, stylish, and easy to clean design. Ideal gift for your loved ones for occasions such as Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, mother’s day, graduations, Valentine’s day, etc, or when you simply want to spoil yourself with something new and trendy.