SNES Classic Controller Extension Cable 3M / 10ft 1.8M / 6ft SNES Extension Power Cord for Super Nintendo SNES Classic Edition Controller (2017) and Mini NES Classic Edition (2016)

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NES/SNES Nintendo classic controller are known to have insufficient cable lengths of 2.5ft/4.5ft respectively . It was great as kids to sit 3-4 feet from the TV and play your favorite games all night while your parents are asleep, but as adult we know that is terrible for your eyes and ergonomically incorrect. Our SNES/NES extension cable comes in 2 different lengths to choose form, 10ft(3M) for all type of room settings. Play your SNES/NES classic responsibly, COMPATIBILE WITH 2016 NINTENDO NES CLASSIC EDITION CONTROLLER 2017 Nintendo SNES Classic Edition Controller AND ALL COMPATIBLE 3rd PARTY CONTROLLERS. *PLEASE NOTE: THE CONSOLE AND CONTROLLERS SHOWN IN IMAGES ARE FOR USAGE DEMONSTRATION PURPOSES ONLY AND ARE NOT INCLUDED WITH THIS PRODUCT. MATERIALS-Rubberized ABS plastic.

  • Quality- The main quality concern of a cable is that it works – that it simply works. Our cable does that, it just works, flawlessly. It’s not going to fall apart if you pull on it, it’s not going to not work.
  • Compatibility- Our cable is compatible with 2017 Nintendo SNES Classic Edition and 2016 Nintendo NES classic Edition controller Wii Classic Controller and all compatible 3rd party controllers. If your controller works for the NES/SNES/Wii classic Controller Console, our cable is compatible with it.
  • 6ft or 10ft – We have 2 lengths available. 6ft for most standard size room and 10ft if you have a larger seat to TV distance. Remember the original controller is 2.5ft by itself.
  • Ergonomically Sound – Play like a responsible adult, extend your controller by 6ft or 10ft, and sit back, relax, and find those memories again.